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Sep 4, 2010 12:05am PDT
reporter, when she gets out of her court-ordered rehab, lindsay lohan is supposedly going to get $1 million from "ok magazine" for her first interview. i really need to start drinking and driving into homes, because being a mess has become a lucrative business for lindsay lohan. i worked it out. let's say even if she goes ten more times this year, that's $11 right? obviously, she won't get all of that, there are taxes, of course, and her parents get a commission. they did help get her there. [ laughter ] but i have to say, i cannot think of a better way to reintegrate a drug addict back into society than giving them $1 million. dr. laura schlessinger has announced she's quitting her radio show because she's being oppressed by what she called interest groups. she thought it was okay to use the n-word not once, but 11 times in five minutes during a call with a black woman who wanted to know how to deal with her white husband's racist friends. very strange thing to hear on a.m. radio. and now, with dr. laura quitting, sarah palin is getting involved in this. and time now for a palin pop quiz.
Sep 4, 2010 11:00am EDT
. we have jessica alba and lindsay lohan who spends most of time in a nun's outfit seeking revenge on people. hello. >> that sounds funny. >> yeah. very tongue and cheek portrayal of her character. so i think audiences are curious about this. and robert rodriguez has a track at the box office. so that's why it's number two. >> okay. going the distance, drew berry more, justin long, lovebirds on and off screen. >> i know. i think that audiences really like this couple both on screen and off screen. although it's only number five in the box office. estimates for the weekend. but i don't think that's really going to hurt it. i mentioned earlier that drew barrymore produces the film through flower films which is a very successful company that she runs out of l.a. and that her company has estimated box office figures $870 million worldwide. so she's quite a power house. >> i guess. >> even if it comes if only five, she'll clean up with dvds and all that. i guess she really is a power woman. >> shi is. i love her. >> and this is getting great reviews this film. >> good. >> i think that m
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)